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    About Us

    Tai Heng Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Since 2005, Tai Heng has been servicing global generic companies through vertically integrated drug development program. From API to commercial product, we offer customers a complete and integrated solution for pharmaceutical development. Our services cover entire spectrum of drug development life cycle, from benchtop development, scale up, process optimization, analytical and other quality control methods, submission batch manufacturing, GMP management, regulatory support, and post approval product life cycle management.

    Located in Shanghai, China, our facility has been inspected by US FDA multiple times since 2009. With dedication and steadfast quality commitment, we are able to meet the most stringent drug development standards.

    Our project and quality management team, each with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, understand and appreciate our customer’s needs. Finding the most rational and cost-effective route from development to commercialization for our customer is the ultimate achievement for our project team.


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